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Planning Board

The Planning Board is a committee whose job it is to review decisions made by the Land Use Officer. They are to listen to applicants requiring Special Use Permits and Site Plan Reviews prior to building. Decisions of the Planning Board are made on a case to case basis.

Planning Board meets fourth Monday at 7:00 pm

Elected Board – 7 Year Terms


Keith Tidball (12/31/26)

3208 NY State Route 89,
Seneca Falls, NY 13148

Cell: (315) 568-9710


Dave Fitzgerald (12/31/24)

3671 South Parker Road,
Seneca Falls, NY 13148

Cell: (585) 314-0009


Nancy Murray

Cell: 315-585-6282


Teresa Bryan (12/31/20)

Mark Lott (12/31/2021)

Sandy Caster (12/31/2022)

Charles Brady (12/31/23)

Nelson Wise (12/31/2025)

Charles Kelsey (alternate)

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