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Water Department

NYS Certified Water Inspectors

Jim Bromka
Cell: (315) 651-0274

Jamie King
Cell: (315) 651-0276

Water Department Fees

  • Readings (On/Off/Final Readings): $25 each
  • Labor: $50/hr
  • Replacement Parts:
  • Meter – $295.00
  • Reader – $153.00
  • Meter Pit – $600.00
  • All other costs determined at time of service
  • Meter Testing: $75.00

It is important to remember with winter months coming, that you close all windows and secure any drafts that could potentially cause your water meter to freeze. If this happens, the meter will be replaced by the Town of Fayette Water Department at the cost to the homeowner of $295.00.


Cindy Lorenzetti, Supervisor
Cell: (315) 521-4144

Jeff Trout, Councilman
Cell : (315) 729-6357


Susan Hensel, Account Clerk
Phone: (315) 585-6282 ext. 2

Water Shut Off Procedures & Penalties (PDF)

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Water Quality Reports

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