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Zoning Board

Elected Board – 5 Year Terms


Steve Barto, Chairman – (12/31/27)

Phone: (315) 585-6282 ext. 2

Land Use Officer

Mike Combs
Cell: (315) 585-6282 Extension 6

Zoning Board of Appeals

Jamie Excell, Administrative Assistant

Phone: (315) 585-6282 ext. 2


Julie Thompson – (12/31/28)
Peter Keefer – (12/31/24)
Joanne Moll – (12/31/25)
Fred Zuccala – (12/31/26)

The Zoning Board of Appeals was created to appeal decisions made by the land use officer. Variances are granted based on the merits of each appeal while taking into consideration the land use regulations of the Town of Fayette.

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